Office Space

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Clean private offices, short term flexible contracts- walk in with your team and start working. Plus it comes with so much extra space to lunch, brainstorm, or meet those important clients. This move will make all the difference for your peace of mind and as importantly, on the balance sheet.

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All-in-one Price

On the usual having your own office still has your usual cleaning costs, maintenance, security, building fees and others. Here, don't bother thinking about those costs. Focus on your work and your team performance, let the rest be taken care of by Conclave so you stay comfortably productive in the office.

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Functional Space & Working Hours

By having a private office, company confidentiality is maintained. Need to congregate more people into your meetings? Invite them over. Still not finished with those tasks at hand? Have a more flexible private office with 24 hour access for you and your team as members of our space.

Free Hand-Brewed Beverages



High Speed Internet

Spacious Lounge Area

Mail handling

Strategic Location

State-of-the-art Meeting Rooms

Creative and Supportive Community

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