Printerous is an online printing platform that provides the convenience of printing business needs online. This includes collaterals such as business cards, brochures, flyers, banners, T-shirts and many more. Customers simply upload their designs on Printerous website ( and Printerous will print it for them or alternatively they can choose and edit the template designs that provided online. For highly specialized orders customers can contact our Printing Specialists and order from them. Printerous realized that co-working space provides entrepreneurs a place to work and expand, which means that at some point these entrepreneurs would need their own marketing collaterals. For more info about Printerous you can visit their website at


An application to give information and as a media platform for events and community activies around Jakarta. For more info about Goers you can visit their website at


An on demand platform for homeservices, such as AC repairs/services and cleaning etc. Our current clients include travelio, Fabelio and FreewareSpaces, For more info about Seekmi you can visit their website at


A sociobusiness which offer a catering service for events. Homade have a quality control activity to assure the quality of the food. Homade and its partner will make a social event every month using a certain percentage of catering revenue which made by the two parties. For more info about Homade you can visit their website at

SpotQoe by Astra Group

SpotQoe is a marketplace platform that facilitates owner of office space, meeting space, event space, which will be use by Astra Group employees and other corporation employees.

Jumpstart Media

Jumpstart is a print and digital platform that focuses on entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem. We cover stories of entrepreneurs and tips and tricks on how to be a successful one. We believe our publication will be a good asset to your community where they can gain insights into what's going on in the startup ecosystem in the region. For more info about Jumpstart you can visit their website at

Fly Spaces

Flyspaces empowers businesses as digital marketplace that provides short-term work and meeting space solutions to entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs and mobile professionals. Whether the need is for an hour, a day, a week or a few months - we have a network of hundreds of spaces to discover across key South East Asian cities. For more info about Fly Spaces you can visit their website at


Studentpreneur is an online learning platform to learn business and entrepreneurship, For more info about Studentpreneur you can visit their website at


Started from a picky woman that having a trouble to choose a lunch, aims to give fast solutions and options for your food menu anywhere and everywhere. offer various products such as Lunch catering, Ready to eat, dan Chef Meal. For more info about Berrykitchen you can visit their website at

Creative Center Indonesia

Creative Center Indonesia aims to delivering innovation for their clients in a sustainable and engaging way by adding values through communication,empowerment and education. They also providing Creative Communication - Finding the best ideas that add values to their Client’s Brand through our 360 degrees creative solutions such as Corporate Communication, ATL, BTL, PR & Activation, Sponsorship Marketing, Media Planning & Digital Media


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