Frequently asked questions

Can you order food at Conclave?

You most certainly can. Talk to our front desk, they'll help you order from F&B joints around Conclave.

Can you bring your own food to Conclave?

Of course! Just make sure you clean up after yourself afterwards.

Can you bring alcoholic beverages to Conclave?

Technically you can but we don't recommend it. Be sure to keep your noise level down so you won't disturb others.

Do you have to reserve a spot or can you just walk in?

Contact us to reserve a spot but you're welcome to talk to our receptionist during working hours. For co-working, swing by any time!

What time do you close?

We're open 24 hours for members but if you're a first timer, we suggest you come in during working hours.

How do you organize events at Conclave?

You can come during working hours and book the venue on the spot or you can call our office for consultation. We usually require a down payment up front.

Are you allowed to bring guests for meeting? Any extra charge?

Of course you may! No, we don't charge extra. Consider it an introductory promo. Just don't abuse it, we'll know.

Free flow coffee/tea?

Yes, everything on the common table is free.

How safe is Conclave?

We have CCTV set up. We'll also be installing Scout Alarm soon.

What if I lost my membership card?

We'll give you a new one but you'll be charged an IDR 150,000 administration fee.

Can I bring my own mug?

You're allowed to bring anything you want as long as they're not inappropriate. You are highly encouraged to bring you own game so we can game together!

Is the game room open for public?

Yes it is.

It's so hard to find parking. Where do I park?

Make use of our valet service. IDR 10,000/day, IDR 15,000/day for non-members.

Can I leave my PC/iMac at Conclave?

Yes. We'll just move them somewhere safe during public events.


24/7 for members

9 AM - 5 PM for visitors

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