Sharing at Conclave

A fun monthly activity where startup communities, young entrepreneurs, and anyone who seeks more productive activity to discuss, perfect their craft, engage and network with like-minded people.

Collaboration Class

It’s a workshop class to collaborate with another partner to give "hands on-experienced".

Gigs at Conclave

To support local artist and give an entertainment hours as well as give a chance for the fans having an intimate concert, Gigs at Conclave will be held every two months at Conclave Arteri.

El Conclave

Who doesn’t love music, coffee and talks? Conclave will provide the three things that you like to pursue our tenants to take a break from the hectic hours and get some insights from their neighbours.

Creative Crib

Creative Crib is made to celebrate new branch of Conclave with special theme. We are inviting Conclave family and other partners to collaborate helding the party

Cinema Conclave

Cinema Conclave will arrived to support the local movies. Don’t forget to prepare your coke and popcorns! Because Conclave will transform our auditorium into a theater.

Conclave Healthy Hours

Health is very important to help you get things done. Therefore, Conclave will collaborate with health communities, fitness instructors and classes, and health expertise to make Conclave Healthy Hours. This will give you extra energy to get your things done!


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


24/7 for members

9 AM - 5 PM for visitors

For more info :

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