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This month, CreativeMornings universe celebrates the beautiful moments of SERENDIPITY. And CreativeMornings Jakarta with #SharingAtConclave delightfully present the theme by inviting Maesy Ang!

Maesy Ang works on social development, runs an independent bookshop and publisher called POST, occasionally writes stories, and reads as much as she can in between.

"Describing serendipity, those happy accidents that lead to life-changing discoveries, is like describing the feeling of falling in love. It is always personal, heartfelt, and make sense only when told as a story. I’d like to share three stories that are close to my heart: an independent bookshop born in a traditional market in Jakarta; an art-project turned into a collective of action heroes addressing street sexual harassment in India; and a daydreaming collaboration between a granddaughter and her grandmother. Through those stories, I hope to spark a conversation on recognising and embracing serendipity.”

Come and experience this once in a year breakfast lecture series in the afternoon. Because it’s always morning at some part of the world, right?

Friday, June 2nd, 2017
04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
At Auditorium Conclave Wijaya