Hey movie Goers! Toilet Blues will be on Cinema Conclave. So, mark your calendar!

Movie Brief

Producer: Edo WF Sitanggang

Directed by: Dirmawan Hatta 

Writer: Adam Herdanto, Dirmawan Hatta

Starring: Tim Matindas, Sherly Anggraini, Tio Pakusadewo

Anjani (Shirley Anggraini) ran away from home after he was accused of engaging in "immoral acts" with her male friend. She followed Anggalih (Tim Matindas), her close male friend from junior high who was walking to a Catholic seminary after the school holidays finished.

Along the way, the Anjani's father sent Ruben (Tio Pakusadewo), investigator scamp, to bring Anjani home. Ruben trailed, cajol and deceived Anjani by way of the devil. 

Toilet Blues is a question of right and wrong, heaven and hell are not always played to the public, as well as haphazard graffiti in public toilets visited Anjadi way with Anggalih.

About Cinema Conclave

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