Sandekala (Amry Ramadhan)

Centered on a mother and her daughter who travels as the sun sets time, they realized something was following them.

Myth (Jody Surendra)

Tells the story of three friends, who are involved in an incident which, according to the myth that developed in a community that says that the taking a photo of three companions should be condemned (taboo). In the end a series of events leads to a creepy and sadistic override amongst these three individuals, preceded by the death of lilie causing a severe allergic disease, followed by the death of the a mysterious girl, and not only are there bad things were also override a character named Firda, until finally Firda decids to commit suicide in the end.

Pamali (Tresna Arief K.)

Pamali is an ancient tradition of the elderly in the form of a ban which, if breached will alotted something bad for the violators of this certain type of ban. Therefore you should be careful in doing various activities in order to not get these unfortunate events. Some say that their hair should not be cut later at night because there are spirits that would bother us. This story tells us the story of Ana, who does not know these rule and regulations of the traditions passed by ancestors of the taboos and does them anyways.

Sugih (Makbul Mubarak)

Stress faces a wife with contracted fees and tons of payments before in the midst of their due dates, a wife desperate to attain the money do forbidden acts in order to get money. But with these rituals that she does, forces her own husband to be victim.

About Cinema Conclave

Cinema Conclave is an alternative movie screening, collaborations between Conclave and EkshibID (part of Infoscreening) team. We always do it on regular basis, every first and third Tuesday of each month. It is free-seating style screening and the movies are curated by us. If it is possible, we will have after-movie discussion with the crew and/or the cast as well!

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