#SharingAtConclave is an in-house event from the Conclave institution, developed for the public. The event is held regularly at our Wijaya site, twice a month in the evening. #SharingAtConclave is an event initiated to inspire our members and like-minded people to stop procrastinating and start doing, in the following topics distributed bi-weekly. Every month there will always be different segment, raging from business to arts and crafts, namely - anything you can think of. 


In a growing Jakarta society of import goods, more recently, we've developed and switched gears to a more local approach - house brands. House brands are a brand name used exclusively by a retailer for a product or line sold typically at lower than that of comparable items with manufacturer brand names. Bridges eyewear gives you exactly that, exclusive products at a fashionably low price with great quality.

About Speaker

James Hadisurjo is a recent graduate of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. He is the founder of Bridges Eyewear, a single-brand, affordable designer eyewear retailer. His family operates in the eyewear retail industry so it was only natural for him to come up with the idea of creating a new, brand of eyewear targeting young adults and presenting glasses from a more lifestyle perspective. Targeting a whole different set of consumers, he hopes to grow the eyewear retail group and start catering to the younger market.