Wira Gumay

Associate Account Director of TBWA\Indonesia

Marketing campaigns promote a product through different media, including television, radio, print, and online platforms. Campaigns don’t have to rely solely on advertising and also including demonstrations, word of mouth, and other interactive techniques. Business operating in highly competitive markets may initiate frequent marketing campaigns and devote significant resources generating brand awareness and sales.

Creating effective campaign could be very tricky. We need to really understand both our objective and our audiences. We need to craft our strategy to achieve our goal through the campaign. In collaboration with TBWA\Indonesia, in this class we will learn what aspects could boost our campaign effectively, how to generate the right strategy, and how do we finally reach our business target.


You will learn:

– Case study about the Effective Campaign in the industry

– How to define campaign objective

– How to pick the right target audiences

– How to find the consumer’s pain point and passion point

– How to craft a Unique Selling Proposition

– How to define the Campaign Medium/Channel


What to Bring?

– Stationery

– Laptop/Mac

– Questions about business


Project Output:

Campaign Brief Canvas/Template


Target Learners:

– Start Up Owners

– University Students

– Employees / Employers


Ticket Price: IDR 295.000 

(including certificate and meals)