Movie time! We have 4-short movies themed "Urbanisasi dan Perasaan Mereka yang ditinggalkan" from young talented Indonesian director. So, mark your calendar!


  • Neng Kene Aku Ngenteni Koe: Intan is a 20 year old girl who has a younger brother named Bondan, aged 12. They live with their grandmother in the suburb of Jogja. Today, Intan and Bondan are leaving for Jakarta by train at 4 pm. Intan asked her lover, Anjar (24), to carry her to Lempuyangan Railway Station. Anjar is late to pick Intan up because he has to take a goat order and deliver it to Islamic Boarding School in Krapyak. Anjar only have one hour and a half to take care of the goat order and to carry Intan to the station.
  • Natalan (December): Not having returned to Jogja for four years, Resnu promised that he would celebrate this year’s Christmas Eve mass together with his mother. Anxiety and longing for the mother invades Restu’s mind during the journey with his wife from Jakarta.
  • Semalam, Anak Kita Pulang: The story of a mother who were waiting for her daughter to return. Since she went to work far away from home, the mother never heard the news of her daughter. Longing that ultimately brought the shadows and memories of her daughter.
  • Hectic: Everyone requires an escape. As we age, there is a point in our lives where work and everything else going on becomes a routine and our lives feel as if it’s a ticking clock waiting to stop. Want to get away from the hustle and bustles of life? In the short movie called Hectic written and directed by Abdul Razzaq; starring Yudhistira Dwi Pranata, Bimo Prakoso and Faham Wicaksono – the writers at Last Record Production, a man goes to a place of quiet and calm. In this story, a boy reconciles and travels back to his past life to do so. In the midst of his travels sweet memories of his childhood race back to his mind and he finds peace before getting back to his Hectic Life. 

About Cinema Conclave

Cinema Conclave is an alternative movie screening, collaborations between Conclave and EkshibID (part of Infoscreening) team. We always do it on regular basis, every first and third Tuesday of each month. It is free-seating style screening and the movies are curated by us. If it is possible, we will have after-movie discussion with the crew and/or the cast as well!