#SharingatConclave is an event from Conclave. The event held at Conclave Wijaya 2-times a month in the evening. This event was initiated to gather our members and peoples who has big interest to develop their-self with different topic each week. Conclave is in collaboration with Go-Jek's Go-Talk for this evening #SharingAtConclave

Nowadays the future lies on our smartphone. From food, shopping, transportation, almost every of our problems and our wants and needs now could be fulfilled just by tapping the screen, and we know there are many collaboration happen in every process to build an app. How To Create Your Own Mobile App is definitely one of the things we should learn so we can survive in the future world, and in this session, we would share to you how the diversity could working together to reach one goal, an impactful app. Here we have Yohan Totting (Google Expert), Rama Notowidigdo (Go-Jek's Chief Product Officer), Monika Halim (Go-Jek's VP of UX Design), and Bherly Novrandy (Go-Jek's Tech Lead) to share their incredible experiences with us!



Rama Notowidigdo, Go-Jek's Chief Product Officer

Rama Notowidigdo is an evangelist and a father of Go-Jek's product technology team. He went back to Indonesia after 23 years living in US to make a huge contribution for Indonesia. He built the first version of Go-Jek mobile app from scratch with only a small team of engineers until it became the app that we all know now. Currently he hold a role as Chief Product Officer at Go-Jek Indonesia for non core products and as a cofounder of Sayurbox.com


Yohan Totting, Google Expert

Yohan is a web developer that believe web is the future of app and game. A Google Developer Expert on Web Technology and Google Launchpad Mentor. Now working with The Asia Foundation as Lead Developer Outreach and lead the incubation program by http://kolaborasi.co. Passioned about community so he initiated FOWAB community and HackerspaceBDG


Monika Halim, Go-Jek's VP of UX Design

Monika Halim is a UX practitioner and consultant based in Jakarta. With over 6 years experience building various creative product ranging from non-profit, e-commerce, telco, to on-demand service mobile app; she's now taking the role as VP UX Design at GO-JEK Indonesia to make greater impact to society. She's also contributing to local UX and Design community through talkshows and meetups.

Bherly Novrandy, Go-Jek's Tech Lead

Joined in the 1st team of technology at GO-JEK, he found a new challenge and passion for creating something new and made a great impact to Indonesia. Started with the web development and finally, fall in love with the mobile application. Now, he is leading the most awesome mobile technology team and love to share his experience with another developer fellow.