#SharingatConclave is an event from Conclave. The event held at Conclave Wijaya 2-times a month in the evening. This event was initiated to gather our members and peoples who has big interest to develop their-self with different topic each week.

For all you architect and designers, this last Sharing at Conclave for the month of August could be a highly beneficial one for you.

We’re all fascinated about buildings and the history they come about, but do we understand that there is an ideal way to reside and build a home, school, work place and everything else suitable for a tropical climate like Indonesia? In this session, Ren Katili will share information about designing an ideal architectural building suitable for the likes of a tropical location and one that is even ecofriendly. With carbon emissions and other harsh pollutants circulating this archipelago country, Ren Katili shares with us the trend that we can implement in Indonesia to alleviate and even better the environment we live in. Not only can we grow as a country, but in turn we can also have impactful buildings in responding to the polluting environment and go green! 

About Speaker

Ren Katili graduated from Institut Tropen Technologie, University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany, majoring Building In The Tropic. He is the principal architect of Studio ArsitektropiS, who is also active as an architecture design lecturer in one of private universities in Jakarta. His passion to work in architecture field and his enthusiasm to promote sustainability has been successful. He has been entrusted to be the Brand Ambassador of Holcim Semen Serbaguna, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Clearing House Indonesia (EECCHI) and Philips Home Lighting Indonesia.