Landing pages look just like any other website but they operate a bit differently. In the online marketing industry, landing pages are used to drive visitors towards conversion by getting them to click through to a specific action. Whether that action is making a purchase in your online store, subscribing to your newsletter, or countless other actions, a good landing page can hugely up your chances of success. As opposed to a full-blown website, a landing page is a single page with a highly specific target: getting visitors to click through to your end goal.

Join us to learn how to develop landing page from scratch using latest technology (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for validating idea or promoting your product!


You will learn:

– Understand the purpose of landing page

– Design and develop landing page that suited with your target audience

– Add different section for your landing page

– Basic SEO knowledge

– Preparing your site to go production

– Deploy your landing page and profit


Who will be mentoring you?

– Riza Fahmi, Curriculum Director of Hacktiv8 – ex CTO of CitizenLab, Belgian-based startup company

– Rubi Henjaya, Instructur of Hacktiv8 – Developer for and

– M. Haidar Hanif, Instructor of Hacktiv8


What to bring?

– Bring your own laptop

– NodeJS installed on your laptop

– Code editor such as Atom, or sublime text

– Your product idea in mind or written


Project Output:

Production-ready landing page for your product. Be ready to get some profit


Target Learners:

– Entrepreneur, solopreneur, wantepreneur

– Fresh graduates

– Junior developers


Ticket Price: IDR 295.000

(including certificate and light meals)