#SeringSharing is the meetup forum for practitioners of advertising, creative, and communication for sharing on trends in the industry today and in the future. We invite speakers to share their experiences and predictions of the future about how to solve the problem through advertising. #SeringSharing Provide opportunities for cross-industry practitioners to collaborate in solving a problem. 

More than 150 practitioners in advertising, creative,and communication participate in #SeringSharing held in March. Three speakers, Dahlan Iskan, Lembu Wiworojati, and Pandu Truhandito have shared their experience about how to survive in digital era through advertising.

Encore has yelled! Most of the audience responds positively about #SeringSharing. Dozens of media cover the event. In social media, #SeringSharing also throws millions of netizens.

In the next #SeringSharing, we will share about Advertising Measurement: Get Intimate with the Consumers. The event will be held on August, 26th 2016 start from 14.30 - 17.30 at Conclave, South Jakarta. 


Janoe Arijanto (Advertising Practitioners)

Wulan Guritno, Amanda Soekasah, Janna Soekasah (Movie Producers & Gelang Harapan Movement Founders) 

Andres Christian (Senior Market Researcher)