Speaker's Brief Desc:

Renaldy Koestoer is a natural-born business developer and Chief Relationship Keeper of Culturo. Culturo is the integrated marketing consultant who support start-up and small-medium business' marketing development strategy comprehensively in the scope of branding, digital, and direct marketing. Prior to establishing Culturo, Renaldy who having background in Biotechnology and Genetics from University of Indonesia, started his career by responsible on sales and direct marketing activities of global laboratory companies such as Life Technologies, GE Life Science, and Qiagen for Indonesia research and biomedical market.


Rizky Ramadhan is a professional digital marketer. Graduated from Political Science in University of Airlangga, then he directly starts his career as digital marketer in telco and retailer company. Later he expands his knowledge of marketing strategy in digital agency by involving in several creative campaigns of some multinational companies. He also realizes that his biggest passion actually is creating digital solution for small-medium business, then his idea for Optimizinc platform thus integrating and being developed together with Culturo, who has the same vision to build an integrated ecosystem.


Event Desc:

ately more and more people have their dream to start their own business instead of working for big companies. It means there's a lot of new business popping out there, and will be a lot of competition. Who will be chosen by the people to work with is they who are outstanding among the competitors, not just being followers, giving meaningful benefit, and make them partner, not only as the user. It's simply understanding them and answering their needs with solution. Most of start-ups create the best product but they forget to understand whatever their customer needs, or communicate their potential, thus limiting the lead conversion and also the magical process of word-of-mouth marketing. By this discussion, Culturo team will help to remind the audience how understanding culture can drive better business result, and being outstanding.