Hand lettering is everywhere these days. Websites, magazines, ads, art prints, and wedding invitations are decorated with various fonts in hand-lettered form. From highly-flourished lettering composition, to a laid back messy strokes.

Making a brush lettering artwork may seems like a simple task, while actually it needs lots of practice. You’ll learn the basic strokes of brush lettering, trying upper and lower-case alphabets and numerals. And for the ‘final project’ you’ll make a brush lettering artwork that will be produced on a mug. Thanks to our partner, Kanva, that will make it happen so you can sip you morning coffee or afternoon tea on your personalized mug. Plus they’ll also telling you the story behind the establishment of Kanva and how did they make it on the first place. It will be useful for you who might start to think to steep the craft industry.

You will learn:

– Understand the difference between hand lettering, typography, and calligraphy

– Get to know about brush lettering tools and materials

– Learn the basic strokes of brush lettering

– Practice writing alphabet and numbers

– Try different styles of brush lettering

– Sharing session with founder of Kanva about the story and struggle behind the brand


What to Bring?

All tools and materials will be provided by the mentor. So you don’t have to bring anything. But you could bring additional materials if you want to, like personal watercolor, inks, or brushes.


Project Output:

Custom Brush Lettering design of your own, printed on a mug


Target Learners:

Anyone who wants to tried their hand of freehand brush lettering


Ticket Price: IDR 425.000 

(including mug production, certificate, materials, and light meals. tools will be provided but should be returned after the class)