Movie Brief

Bulan Di Atas Kuburan is a remake movie from 1973, directed by Asrul Sani with the same title. In his hometown, Sabar (Tio Pakusadewo) show off his achievement while live in Jakarta as a businessman. Hear about Sabar's success story, two young Batak-nesse Tigor (Donny Alamsyah) and Sahat (Rio Dewanto) tempted to try their luck in Jakarta. But their hope to get a better life in Jakarta, destroyed when they realize Sabar just live in the slum area and has a low economy life.

Tigor and Sahat decided to live their life with their own way. Tigor become a driver for public transportation in Jakarta and Sahat have a dream to become a writer. Sahat married with Mona (Atiqah Hasiholan),  daughter of a publisher to make his dreams come true.

Director: Edo W.F Sitanggang

Cast: Rio DewantoDonny AlamsyahTio PakusadewoAtiqah HasiholanAndre HehanusaRay SahetapyAnnisa Pagih

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