Cinema Conclave is back! For the first agenda on June we're gonna screening five short movies in the row, so mark your calendar!


  • Bermula Dari A: The girl lends her lips to the boy who lends her a pair of eyes. Her lips become his voice as his eyes become her sight. Basically, all human beings are blind, mute, and deaf. So that we need the kind of love, which teaches us how to really see, speak, and listen. Regardless of all weaknesses, every human being is normal. There is no one deserves to be defined as disabled, except the mind.
  • Say Hello to YellowA small yellow object makes a child trapped in an illusion and pretense. The device that should serve to bring a much closer instead turned into farther the closeness. A innocent portrait on a modernity that arrogant and stutter.
  • Kamu di Kanan Aku SenangA short movie with poetry spirit. Cast by Kuntz Agus and Novi Hanabi. This movie bring an experience of the number of repetitions deliberate to emphasize the content, sounds, and impressions. The story is about a woman would be happy if the man sitting to her right. But the man always prefer to be on the left.
  • MusafirAn observational documentary movie. Create for share the impression, feels, and experience when the filmmaker observe Pak Kemal and Ida, a couple of scavengers in Jakarta city. 
  • Digdaya Ing Bebaya: A documentary movie that shown a little about society in Glagaharjo. Who refuse relocations after Mount Merapi’s eruption in 2010. After the conditions are deemed safe, they returned to their villages and rebuild their homes. A group of strong old ladies climb the hills to get regedek, an ingredient to make their traditional healthy drink. They share about their experience when the eruption comes and the reason why they want to stay at their village. And also about love and their trust.

About Cinema Conclave

Cinema Conclave is an alternative movie screening, collaborations between Conclave and EkshibID (part of Infoscreening) team. We always do it on regular basis, every first and third Tuesday of each month. It is free-seating style screening and the movies are curated by us. If it is possible, we will have after-movie discussion with the crew and/or the cast as well!