On BROKEN, comemmorating Jakarta's 489th anniversary, we'll dig more about our beloved city. @mkusumawijaya will be presenting about Jakarta's current urban issues.

Jakarta, as Indonesia’s Special Capital Region and the second largest city in the world, has a rooted problem of social cohesion and metabolism in the city system. He will explain how the city is at stake, and its future damage will be from the collective result of the individual citizens’ decision on how they produce and consume (and by that also means design and planning) even from the micro level and daily activities.

Celebrating Ramadan, CreativeMornings Jakarta, June edition won't be happening in the morning. Instead, we will have it in the afternoon before breaking-fast. Anyone can attend, it's FREE but seats are limited. Register on creativemornings.com/talks/marco-kusumawijaya to reserve your seat! Finish your work early and let’s have iftar with us! #CreativeMornings #CMJKT #CMBroken #cnclvco #conclave #coworkingspace #coworkingspacejakarta #coworkingspaceindonesia #workingspace #event