Another movie night by #CinemaConclave "The Mirror Never Lies" will be on the screen. Mark your calendar and safe your seat!

Movie Brief

Pakis is a young girl from a fishing community of the Bajau people in Wakatobi, Sulawesi, part of the Coral Triangle. She lives with her mother, Tayung. As Pakis' father has been lost at sea, Tayung works hard to support her daughter. Pakis, however, is determined to search for her father, a quest which brings the two into conflict. Pakis regularly visits a local shaman, who conducts a ritual allowing Pakis to search for her father in a mirror's surface. The ritual never shows Pakis his location but she remains determined to keep trying. Meanwhile, Tudo has broken up with his fiancée. Struggling to cope with the loss, he takes a new job in Wakatobi studying dolphins. There he becomes involved with the Bajau community, staying at Tayung's home. Eventually Pakis is able to realise that her father is dead and continues with her life.

Director: Kamila Andini

Writer: Kamila AndiniDirmawan Hatta

Cast: Atiqah HasiholanReza RahadianGita Novalista


About Cinema Conclave

Cinema Conclave is an alternative movie screening, collaborations between Conclave and EkshibID (part of Infoscreening) team. We always do it on regular basis, every first and third Tuesday of each month. It is free-seating style screening and the movies are curated by us. If it is possible, we will have after-movie discussion with the crew and/or the cast as well!