Movie Brief

Sunya is an Indonesian drama movie that expected released this late 2016 (Indonesia). It's genred as a Drama and Mystery film, directed by Indonesian director, Suhariyadi day. Going by the name of Yang, he also serves as the author of the screenplay, with the auxiliary by other authors such as Eka Kurniawan.

The core story of this Indonesian drama film, which will tell you about the life story of a boy named Bejo. Bejo often experiences something strange and mysterious amounting after the death of his mother. As an adult, after he proposes to a girl names Raisya, and then marries him, they often face hardships and odd occurences in their lives. Bejo faces more mayhem when his grandmother became ill with an odd disease which is difficult to cure. Join this movie showing in results to see the results of Bejos life occurences and how he undergoes the troubles that he faces in Conclaves #CinemaConclave. 

Director: Harry Dagoe Suharyadi

Writer: Harry Dagoe Suharyadi

Cast: Erlandho Saputra, Eko Supriyanto, Satria Qolbun Salim, Astri Kusumawardhani

About Cinema Conclave

Cinema Conclave is an alternative movie screening, collaborations between Conclave and EkshibID (part of Infoscreening) team. We always do it on regular basis, every first and third Tuesday of each month. It is free-seating style screening and the movies are curated by us. If it is possible, we will have after-movie discussion with the crew and/or the cast as well!