Good Morning!

Shocks to the system do us good. They wake us up, they change the course of history, and they disrupt the norm. Unexpected moments open our minds to new ideas. Uncomfortable pieces of art challenge our perceptions of what we think is right.
This October, we’re celebrating Shock in 128 cities around the world.

“The biggest obstacle for human beings is that we get trapped so easily in this web of unhappiness. It’s like there is a race to win a trophy on who is the most miserable person living on earth. Everyone loves to talk about their misery instead of their bliss. If I could add a psychological disorder in DSM V (a so-called-bible of psychological disorder) it would be the addiction to unhappiness.”

CreativeMornings Jakarta proudly present Liza Marielly Djaprie who will reveal her shocking discovery on our addiction to unhappiness. So in this talk, let start by asking ourselves…
Do we dare and are we bold enough to be a Joyful person?

Saturday, October 31st 2015
08.00 AM - 14.00 PM

at Conclave
Jalan Wijaya I No. 5C
South Jakarta - 12170


Aaaand, our shock session will not only like our usual lecture! We’ll be having our first anniversary celebration to remind yourself that life still full of beautiful surprises.

It’s been a year since we introduced ourself as part of CreativeMornings global community! October 23rd was the date when we got our license. We’re so grateful that along the year, our community slowly getting bigger, warmer, and merrier; and we thank you to be the first ones who support us dear our most precious attendees.

It also happens that lingkaran, our big brother, was born last month. So, it will be full of joy from both party. We really, really, really wish you will be there! It’s still free and you don’t have to take your office leave now. But you better make this Saturday counts, go get up earlier and be the life of the party!