1: You most certainly can. Talk to our front desk, they'll help you order from F&B joints around Conclave.
2: Of course! Just make sure you clean up after yourself afterwards.
3: Technically you can but we don't recommend it. Be sure to keep your noise level down so you won't disturb others.
4: Contact us to reserve a spot but you're welcome to talk to our receptionist during working hours. For co-working, swing by any time!
5: We're open 24 hours for members but if you're a first timer, we suggest you come in during working hours.
6: You can come during working hours and book the venue on the spot or you can call our office for consultation. We usually require a down payment up front.
7: Of course you may! No, we don't charge extra. Consider it an introductory promo. Just don't abuse it, we'll know.
8: Yes, everything on the common table is free.
9: We have CCTV set up. We'll also be installing Scout Alarm soon.
10: We'll give you a new one but you'll be charged an IDR 150,000 administration fee.
11: You're allowed to bring anything you want as long as they're not inappropriate. You are highly encouraged to bring you own game so we can game together!
12: Yes it is.
13: Make use of our valet service. IDR 10,000/day, IDR 15,000/day for non-members.
14: Yes. We'll just move them somewhere safe during public events.