Introducing James Hadisurjo –


James Hadisurjo is a recent graduate of the Carroll School of Management at Boston College. He is the founder of Bridges eyewear, a single-brand, affordable designer eyewear retailer. His family operates in the eyewear retail industry so it was only natural for him to come up with the idea of creating a new brand eyewear targeting young adults and presenting glasses from a more lifestyle perspective. Targeting a whole different set of consumers, he hopes to grow the eyewear retail group and start catering to the younger market.

About His Session –

    Coming home from his studies at Carroll School of Management at Boston College, James sought a vision to cater to his country, Indonesia. With the knowledge, he acquired from his degree in Business Management, as well as having a family that operates in the optic retail industry, he combined the two to get what we now have Bridges Eyewear – an Indonesian optic house brand providing you reading and sun glasses in style. What are house brands you ask? House brands by definition through are “a brand name used exclusively by a retailer (or perhaps, a selected group of retailers) for a product or line of products that are typically sold for prices lower than that of comparable items with manufacturer brand names.” This is what James brought to the table in Indonesia with his pride and joy, Bridges Eyewear.


During his session, he did not fail to mention the high regards of the current fashion industry today with the likes of Zara, H&M, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and other name brand stores that he considers his “competition,” due to the great popularity it portrays to the young market in Indonesia. It is no surprise that the term ‘brand’ is no jargon to us and nearly a great portion of the middle-class population are hypnotized with this idea that branded items made abroad are better than Indonesian made local products. With bridges eyewear, he envisions a society in which millennials are not ashamed of using local products and to prove to the market that local products quality are just as good as high end branded materials from abroad.

    James gives his consumers a genuine and high quality product that are marketed just as amazing as products on the shelf at department stores, priced at affordable prices, and looks great on both foreigners as well as Indonesians. Soon, Bridges Eyewear will launch its sales to the market both online and in department stores in well-established malls such as Grand Indonesia and Plaza Senayan.

                                                                                   "Be proud of wearing local brands"

                                                                                   "Be proud of wearing local brands"


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