Introducing Almira Shinantya – 

Almira Shinantya joined DMID with vast experience and undertaking projects in the past with major companies including Permata Bank, Halal Industry Development Corporation, Regent Residences KL, Kotex and many more. Almira spent one year working in Twist Studio in San Francisco as well as another in Bluelounge Design, a Pasadena based graphic & product design agency.


About Her Session -

This month at #SharingatConclave, we bring to you the topic of branding. Moreover, the people that we call to speak at our monthly event were handpicked specifically as experts at what they do in these prestigious firms, which is design and branding; to bring to you, the audience, the absolute best information to acquire for your future reference in these topics.

Take for instance, Alimra Shinantya who now works at DM Ideology, “a leading brand consultancy firm with combined expertise in strategy, design and people engagement with strong market presence in emerging markets including Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos (DMID).”  Ms. Shinantya shared with us the importance of having a soulful brand in this present society which usually, as most would say “only buys the product/service,” instead of the soul or the essence of the brand itself.  A brand with a soul, says Almira Shinantya is one that shares their passion and motivation with their consumers. In contrast, she emphasizes the difference which states that a brand with NO soul would appeal to the customers by merely relying on a hard sell and a focus on the products features. In short, a brand with no soul is a brand that solely cares about the amount of sales they’re going to get, in terms to say they sell a short-spanned product with low customer loyalty compared to the opposed soulful brand.

                                                                            "Ask yourself, is your brand soulful?"

                                                                            "Ask yourself, is your brand soulful?"

Needless to say, Ms.Shinantya’s session was quite the eventful Tuesday evening with much discussion shared with the audience of engaged startups and design/branding enthusiasts on how they can improve their brand or the art of driving the spirit to build great brands to deliver maximum effort impact to empower and build the nation, like Indonesia. 


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